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The Good Practice Guide for Intellectual Property is especially targeted to SMEs managers, but is also a helpful tool for University-researchers and for independent inventors seeking pragmatic help for dealing with Intellectual Property (IP) issues.

The main part of the guide contains 10 pragmatic recommendations:

1. Be aware of your intellectual capital 6. Integrate IP in your strategy
2. Know what intellectual property is7. Use IP information
3. Protect your intangible assets8. Create value with IP rights
4. Choose the best protection for your intellectual assets9. Enforce IP rights
5. Obtain protection 10. Consult experts

The recommendations in the guide are illustrated by five selected case studies showing the benefits of efficient integration of IP in the companies strategies as well as the risks of remaining ignorant of IP rights. They have been designed in order to help the reader to become aware of the intangible assets he or his institution is owning, to protect them accurately, to valorise the rights commercially and to make better use of technological information through intellectual property databases.

This 54 page publication offers a clear view of the benefits of protecting innovation, of getting an insight on the technological information through IP titles and of the competitive advantage given to an SME by a better use of Intellectual Property.

The guide is available in English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish; both as a hardcopy and in electronic form.

Introduction | Obtaining the guide
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